*This all inclusive hunt includes *3 meals per day in private hunting lodge * Professional guides and top gun dogs *Bird processing and freezing *Maximum 4/1 hunter guide ratio *Ammunition *Free airport pick up at Kearney and McCook *4 nights lodging (double occupancy) * Field transportation *10,000 acres of private hunting land *Private hunting with your own group (no mixing of groups) *All licenses and permits included *12 bird limit combination of pheasants, chuckar and quail. Exclusive lodge use with groups of 12 or more if availabe dates. This hunt offers some of the finest wing shooting and memories that you can ever have hunting like dad and grandpa used to. Please click here for more information.

Alternative Option - No Frills One Day Hunt - Are you looking for a more affordable hunt without all the bells and whistles?  Hunt Nebraska inc. has a hunt for you.  We are now offering 3 new 1 day hunt packages for hunters.  Each package is for a group of 1 to 4 hunters.  You will be the one to decide how many birds will be placed in the field for the hunt.   All hunts will include transportation to the field, a guide, dogs and a lunch at our Lodge.  Feel free to bring your own dog along for the hunt as well. Bird Processing is available for 2 dollars a bird.  If you want to do it yourself you are more than welcome to use our bird cleaning facility.  Lodging may be available as well for an additional cost. Please click here for more information.


5 Day Whitetail hunt: This hunt is truly a hunting adventure, with every snap of a twig or sight of movement bulding your
anticipation of seeing the biggest buck of your life. Our rifle season starts at the peak of the rut, second Saturday of November, so all of your hunting is from elevated stands or ground blinds. Deer movement is at its peak so chances are you will see more than you could ever imagine. Sit back and enjoy the show! White tail permits are subject to drawing.
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Blackpowder whitetail hunt: What a hunt! Colder weather, second rut, less hunting pressure and statewide access. Hunting
adventures of unsurpassed experiences. For a total experience try this trophy hunt. Hunt includes: *Five days hunting *Field transportation *Field dressed deer and delivery to processor *Six nights lodging and meals *All stand and blinds *All licenses and permits.
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Archery hunt: Archery season is one of the longest seasons in the midwest, mid-September thru the end of the year. We offer early season hunting around alfalfa, corn, and milo fields and along river and creek bottoms. Pre-rut hunting is one of the most exciting hunts any bow hunter could experience with bucks on the prowl. An experienced hunter has an excellent opportunity to rattle or grunt in a trophy whitetail buck. The bucks will be running rub and scrape lines, making it easier to pattern a trophy buck. Our guides will assist anyone in call tactics, helping all hunters enjoy a rewarding hunting experience. Click here for more information.

*Meals and lodging * Access to 10,000 private acres * Guides and blinds * All licenses and permits * 3 days 2 turkey limit. Please click here for more information.

For more information about lodge rental, please click here for pricing information.